CENRAL Staff Day 2021

- Professional Development Webinar

Science and academic research are internationally oriented. This is increasingly reflected in the international composition of academic staff. International staff members, especially from countries outside the EU, have specific needs in the pre- and onboarding process due to requirements such as visas/residence titles, but also issues such as finding accommodation, etc. As an opportunity for institutional learning for universities in the CENTRAL network, the webinar discusses different models of welcome services for international employees: Charles University Prague will present its new Welcome Centre, and the University of Vienna will present its system of decentralised "Liaison Officers" at the faculties.

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Five leading research-intensive universities in the capitals of Central Europe - Humboldt University / Berlin, ELTE / Budapest, Charles University / Prague, the University of Warsaw and the University of Vienna - have joined forces in the CENTRAL network. CENTRAL aims to strengthen regional ties between their members, to stimulate cross-border research, and to support especially early-stage researchers from Central Europe in their endeavours. The network has been established in 2014 and has since been led by Humboldt University. The University of Vienna has spearheaded the launch of the second phase of the network and is in charge of coordinating its activities until 2024.

For more information, please contact the CENTRAL coordinator: Barbara Grodecka-Poprawska or check the CENTRAL website: central-network.eu