Vienna taking over network coordination for the next four years


After a very rewarding period at the Humboldt University Berlin, the rotating role of CENTRAL‘s overall coordination is handed over to the University of Vienna. For the upcoming four years, the focus will be on bringing the thriving network before the curtain: to make the platform widely seen, and to establish as the Network of Excellence for Central European issues.

The task is handed over to the University of Vienna by Humboldt University Berlin, where CENTRAL was initiated and established in 2014. The network’s overall coordination is a rotating role that passes on after four years. Next in the line will be the renowned Charles University of Prague.

Bringing CENTRAL before the curtain

The focus of the upcoming years will be on strengthening the network’s visibility: within the five CENTRAL universities and their national settings, in the (Central) European region and beyond. 

An annual broad, cross-cutting theme – a question of wider societal or political relevance – will set the agenda for a vivid and open discourse that should not only cross national borders but also those between the academic and the public sphere. 

We are eager to see multifaceted outreach activities triggered across the CENTRAL partner institutions, opening up the discussion to a wider public and so fulfillling universities’ Third Mission in a combined effort.

The brandnew CENTRAL website will provide a platform for all activities to come.

The CENTRAL core: Promotion of young researchers

In continuation of the successful initial phase, the promotion of early-stage researchers will remain one of the network‘s centrepieces. We anticipate to complement our well-proven and impactful learning and exchange opportunities by additional ones such as Skills Development.